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Since 2009, Pulse Entrepreneurs has brought employers and job seekers together with results that speak for themselves!  Our experience, insights and attention to detail enable us to identify top talent across a broad range of professional levels, industries and companies.

We pride ourselves on making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate clients, and go to great lengths to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other. We do so by taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our clients, and then using proprietary recruitment techniques to pinpoint the most suitable job candidates.

Pulse Entrepreneurs is committed to delivering a thoroughly satisfactory experience with every recruitment project. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards of professionalism, integrity and accuracy, and we invite you to put us to the test!

We look forward to being of service.

“Connecting tomorrow’s leaders today”

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Our Featured Services

A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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    Pulse tutors are viewed as mentors for our learners and often play a fundamental role in developing academic confidence.

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    Academic Socialisation

    Whether students have just arrived at the university scene or have been around for a while, many learners struggle with classroom networking.

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    Pulse Entrepreneurs connects employers with top talents who can transform their business exponentially. We work for our clients to empower them with professional human resources solutions.

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    Training and workshops

    • Individual consultation assessment 1 session
    • Career research & planning strategy 2 sessions
    • Emotional intelligence awareness workshop 1 day

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    High Skill and Talented Candidates
    Our team of consultants has extensive experience in headhunting and identifying high skill and exceptional talent to fit our client’s requirements.

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    Verification Centre

    We offer a range of background screening checks to help clients verify accuracy of information supplied by job applicants

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A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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